Maruti Suzuki, a household name in India synonymous with reliable and affordable cars, has unveiled the much-anticipated upgrade to its popular hatchback, the Alto K10. This new iteration boasts cutting-edge features, improved performance, and fuel economy that promises to keep it at the forefront of the budget hatchback segment.

Enhanced Engine Performance:

One of the most significant upgrades lies under the hood. The new Alto K10 ditches the previous engine for a more robust 796 cc, three-cylinder, 12-valve unit. This translates to a power output of 35.3 kW and a torque of 69 Nm, offering a peppier driving experience compared to its predecessor.

Fuel Efficiency You Can Count On:

Fuel efficiency has always been a key selling point for Maruti cars, and the new Alto K10 upholds this tradition. The petrol variant delivers an impressive 22 km/L, while the CNG variant boasts an even more remarkable 31 km/kg. This exceptional mileage makes the Alto K10 not only pocket-friendly but also a responsible choice for eco-conscious drivers.

Transmission Options for Every Driver:

Maruti understands that every driver has their preference, which is why the Alto K10 comes equipped with the option of both a 5-speed manual transmission and an automatic gearbox. The manual transmission offers greater control for experienced drivers, while the automatic transmission provides a smooth and comfortable driving experience, especially in city traffic.

CNG Variant: A Greener Choice:

In line with India’s increasing focus on alternative fuels, the new Alto K10 comes with a CNG variant. This option not only offers significantly lower running costs compared to petrol but also reduces harmful emissions, making it a more environmentally friendly choice.

Aesthetics and Interiors:

While official information on the aesthetics and interiors is still awaited, Maruti is known for its focus on practicality and comfort in its cars. We can expect the new Alto K10 to retain its signature compact design, making it ideal for navigating city streets and tight parking spaces. The interiors are likely to be upgraded with improved materials and features for a more comfortable and modern driving experience.

Expected Price and Availability:

The price of the new Alto K10 is expected to start around Rs 4 lakh and go up to Rs 5 lakh, depending on the variant and features chosen. With its combination of enhanced performance, exceptional fuel efficiency, and a range of transmission options, the new Alto K10 is poised to be a strong contender in the Indian hatchback market.

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 Specifications (Expected):

Feature Specification
Engine 796 cc, 3-cylinder, 12-valve
Power 35.3 kW
Torque 69 Nm
Transmission 5-speed manual, Automatic (AMT)
Mileage (Petrol) 22 km/L
Mileage (CNG) 31 km/kg
Price (Expected) Rs 4 lakh – Rs 5 lakh

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