In today’s time, rising inflation and unemployment have become a serious problem. Everyone is looking for new ways to make money. If you are also thinking something similar, then there is a great opportunity for you.

Do you know that a single Rs 50 note can earn you lakhs of rupees? Yes, this is absolutely true. Some special Rs 50 notes are in high demand in the global market and their value can go up to lakhs of rupees.

Which 50 rupee note can make you rich?

50 rupee note with picture of Mahatma Gandhi
The serial number of the note ends with 786
The note is old and rare

If you have this note, you can earn lakhs of rupees by selling it online.

How to sell notes online?

Register as a seller on OLX
Upload your details and photographs of both sides of the note
decide the price of the note
Get in touch with the buyer and transact

Keep a few things in mind while selling notes:

Note photos should be good and clear
Mention all the features of the note
set a fair price
avoid fraud

Apart from Rs 50 note, many old and rare notes can get good prices in the global market. You can also earn good money by selling these notes online.

This is a great business idea which gives you an opportunity to earn lakhs of rupees sitting at home. If you work with some hard work and dedication, you can definitely achieve success.

Then what are you waiting for? Check your old notes today and if you have a Rs 50 note with serial number 786, sell it and earn lakhs of rupees!

Here is a list of some other old notes that can fetch good prices in the global market:

1 rupee note (1947)
5 rupee note (1978)
10 rupee note (1947)
100 rupee note (1947)
1000 rupee note (1978)

The value of these notes depends on their rarity and condition.

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