Fuel Up on Information: Wondering how much you’ll pay to fill your tank today? Look no further! This comprehensive guide brings you the latest petrol and diesel prices across major Indian cities, as of March 1, 2024.

National Price Snapshot:

  • A slight increase in fuel prices has been observed nationwide.
  • Prices are determined by international crude oil prices.

City-wise Price Breakdown:

City Petrol (₹/L) Diesel (₹/L)
Delhi 96.72 89.62
Lucknow 96.47 89.66
Noida 96.64 89.82
Ghaziabad 96.58 89.75
Meerut 96.46 89.64
Jaipur 108.48 93.72
Jodhpur 108.29 93.56

Jaipur and Jodhpur See Higher Rates:

It’s important to note that prices vary across different regions. Jaipur and Jodhpur currently have the highest petrol and diesel rates among the listed cities.

Stay Informed on the Go:

Gone are the days of visiting petrol pumps just to check prices. Now, you can conveniently access this information right from your phone:

  • Indian Oil: SMS “RSP <City Code>” to 9224992249 (e.g., RSP 11001 for Delhi)
  • BPCL: SMS “RSP <City Code>” to 9223112222 (e.g., RSP 11001 for Delhi)

Remember: These are indicative prices and may vary slightly across different petrol pumps within the same city.

Beyond the Pump:

While fuel prices are a crucial factor for many, it’s essential to remember responsible driving practices. Maintaining proper tire pressure, avoiding harsh acceleration and braking, and opting for carpooling whenever possible can significantly contribute to fuel efficiency and cost savings.

In Conclusion:

This article provides a comprehensive overview of current petrol and diesel prices in major Indian cities. By staying informed and adopting fuel-efficient practices, you can make informed decisions and manage your fuel expenses effectively.

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